How do neurons work together? Lessons from auditory cortex.

  title={How do neurons work together? Lessons from auditory cortex.},
  author={Kenneth D Harris and P{\'e}ter Barth{\'o} and Paul Chadderton and Carina Curto and Jaime de la Rocha and Liad Hollender and Vladimir Itskov and Artur Luczak and Stephan Lawrence Marguet and Alfonso Renart and Shuzo Sakata},
  journal={Hearing research},
  volume={271 1-2},
Recordings of single neurons have yielded great insights into the way acoustic stimuli are represented in auditory cortex. However, any one neuron functions as part of a population whose combined activity underlies cortical information processing. Here we review some results obtained by recording simultaneously from auditory cortical populations and individual morphologically identified neurons, in urethane-anesthetized and unanesthetized passively listening rats. Auditory cortical populations… CONTINUE READING
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