How do heterogametic females survive without gene dosage compensation?

  title={How do heterogametic females survive without gene dosage compensation?},
  author={H. Sharat Chandra},
  journal={Journal of Genetics},
When the male is the heterogametic sex (XX♀-XY♂ or XX♀-XO♂), as inDrosophila, orthopteran insects, mammals andCaenorhabditis elegans, X-linked genes are subject to dosage compensation: the single X in the male is functionally equivalent to the two Xs in the female. However, when the female is heterogametic (ZZ♂-ZW♀), as in birds, butterflies and moths, Z-linked genes are apparently not dosage-compensated. This difference between X-linked and Z-linked genes raises fundamental questions about the… CONTINUE READING


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