How difficult is the transition from OOA to OOD? (panel session)

  title={How difficult is the transition from OOA to OOD? (panel session)},
  author={Hermann Kaindl and Karl Frank and Ivar Jacobson and Stephen J. Mellor and Joaquin Miller and Laura Hill},
  booktitle={OOPSLA Addendum},
One of the claimed advantages of object-oriented (OO) development is that developers can use objects in a uniform modeling approach throughout the process. In particular, they can coherently apply the same notation for representing these objects and their relations in both analysis and design. Given this, the claims by many OO methodologists (see, e.g., [1, 5]) that the transition from OO analysis (OOA) to OO design (OOD) is easy and smooth may seem convincing. However, the contrasting view can… CONTINUE READING

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