How can archaea cope with extreme acidity?

  title={How can archaea cope with extreme acidity?},
  author={G{\"u}nter Sch{\"a}fer},
  journal={Novartis Foundation symposium},
  pages={131-44; discussion 145-51}
Archaea are the most extremophilic of the acidophilic microbes, combining, in many cases, acidophilicity with hyperthermophilicity. They form one of the three branches of the phylogenetic tree, and they are specifically found within the so-called crenarchaeota, typical members of which thrive at pH 1-3 and at temperatures of 75 degrees C to nearly 100 degrees C. Despite this, these cells can maintain a near neutral cytosol, and they use H+ for chemiosmotic coupling of ADP phosphorylation. These… CONTINUE READING
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