How automatic are audiovisual links in exogenous spatial attention?

  title={How automatic are audiovisual links in exogenous spatial attention?},
  author={Veronica Mazza and Massimo Turatto and Martina Rossi and Carlo Umilta},
Three experiments on healthy humans investigated the degree of automaticity of crossmodal spatial attention shifts by assessing the intentionality criterion. We used the orthogonal cuing paradigm in which a lateralized cue, either visual or auditory was followed by a unimodal or crossmodal target that occurred at the same or opposite side. In all experiments, the cue was always uninformative as to target location. In Experiment 1, where both side and modality of targets were unpredictable, we… CONTINUE READING

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Exogenous spatial - cuing studies of human crossmodal attention and multisensory integration

  • C. Spence, J. McDonald, J. Driver
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