How are civic cultures achieved through youth social-change-oriented vlogging? A multimodal case study

  title={How are civic cultures achieved through youth social-change-oriented vlogging? A multimodal case study},
  author={C Caron and Rebecca Raby and Claudia Mitchell and Sophie Th{\'e}wissen-Leblanc and Jessica Prioletta},
  journal={Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies},
  pages={694 - 713}
Debate over conceptual definitions is prominent within the body of literature dealing with emerging patterns of civic engagement and political participation among youth information and communication technology–enabled politics. This article contends that advancing new knowledge in this field is also dependent upon fine-grained empirical analysis of digital traces of youth participation. Drawing on a close analysis of two youth-produced vlogs, we show that adolescents’ commitment to social… 
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