How are Anti-Gender Movements Changing Gender Studies as a Profession?

  title={How are Anti-Gender Movements Changing Gender Studies as a Profession?},
  author={Andrea Pető},
  journal={Religion and Gender},
  • A. Pető
  • Published 26 April 2017
  • Sociology
  • Religion and Gender
‘Thank God for the Catholic Church!’, Fassin quotes an imagined gender studies expert, as the anti-gender movement is gaining momentum in France. My response reflects on an issue that remains unaddressed in this volume: what are the consequences of the increasing public exposure of gender studies as a profession due to the surge of anti-gender movements? Recently gender studies scholars can indeed not complain about the lack of wider social interest in their work – just the opposite is true. In… 

“The Western Feminists Want to Make Us Gay”: Nationalism, Heteronormativity, and Violence Against Women in Bulgaria in Times of “Anti-gender Campaigns”

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Eastern Europe: Gender Research, Knowledge Production and Institutions

  • A. Pető
  • Economics
    Geschlecht und Gesellschaft
  • 2019
Gender research in Eastern Europe started with the transition to democracy and neoliberal market economy. The roots of this development, the pre-1989 research on social inequalities, and the import

Fighting “Gayropa”: Europeanization and Instrumentalization of LGBTI Rights in Ukrainian Public Debate

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The Emergence of Powerful Anti-Gender Movements in Europe and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy

The paper briefly presents the genesis and discourse of anti-gender movements in Europe and the challenge they pose to liberal democracy. Then it critically analyses the interpretative frameworks

Challenges for Gender Studies amidst the Surge in Anti-Gender Movements

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Gender Ideology" Matters -and not just to Feminists. Anti-genderism and the Crisis of Neoliberal Democracy

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