How We Used Nasa Lunar Set in Planetary and Material Science Studies : Experiences of 10 Years of Studies in Eötvös University , Hungary

  • K. Gál-Sólymos, 3 GucsikA., Józsa S. Hargitai H. 1, Szakmány Gy
  • Published 2006


EXPERIENCES OF 10 YEARS OF STUDIES IN EÖTVÖS UNIVERSITY, HUNGARY. Bérczi Sz., GálSólymos, K., Gucsik A., Hargitai H., Józsa S., Szakmány Gy., Kubovics I., Puskás Z., Eötvös University, Institute of Physics, Dept. G. Physics, Cosmic Materials Space Res. Group, H-1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/a. Hungary, Eötvös University, Dept. Petrology and… (More)


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