How Violent Video Games Communicate Violence: A Literature Review and Content Analysis of Moral Disengagement Factors

  title={How Violent Video Games Communicate Violence: A Literature Review and Content Analysis of Moral Disengagement Factors},
  author={Thom Hartmann and K. Maja Krakowiak and Mina Tsay-Vogel},
  journal={Communication Monographs},
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Mechanisms of moral disengagement in violent video game play have recently received considerable attention among communication scholars. To date, however, no study has analyzed the prevalence of moral disengagement factors in violent video games. To fill this research gap, the present approach includes both a systematic literature review and a content analysis of moral disengagement cues embedded in the narratives and actual game play of 17 top-ranked first-person shooters (PC). Findings… 
A Conceptual Critique of the Use of Moral Disengagement Theory in Research on Violent Video Games
Moral disengagement refers to cognitive processes of misrepresenting immoral acts in order to justify them. Research on moral disengagement factors in violent video games assumes that the digital
Violent video game exposure and moral disengagement in early adolescence: The moderating effect of moral identity
The results revealed a moderating effect of moral identity between violent video game exposure and moral disengagement in early adolescence, which supported the social cognitive model of morality that proposes that situational variables can interact with moral identity to predict moral outcomes in early adolescents.
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The purpose of this paper is to describe the violent content of some of the top VVGs, based on sales, and acts of senseless, unprovoked violence will be described.
Moral Disengagement Strategies in Videogame Players and Sports Players
Investigating the relationship between game play and moral disengagement strategies in a group of 605 adults who played violent videogames or regularly played competitive sports suggests sports players were more likely than violent game players to endorse moral diseng engagement strategies.
Can Video Games Influence Levels of Real Violence
Much of the research into the effects of playing video games with violent themes has used substitute measures or verbally reported indicators of aggression. Questions have been asked about whether
A Longitudinal Study of Link Between Exposure to Violent Video Games and Aggression in Chinese Adolescents: The Mediating Role of Moral Disengagement
Moral disengagement was a significant mediator of the longitudinal relationship between violent video game exposure and aggression in the cross-lagged panel and between-person analyses, but not in the within-person analysis.
Understanding the Mediating Role of Moral Disengagement in the Association between Violent Video Game Playing and Bullying/Cyberbullying Perpetration
The present study examined the direct and indirect effects (via moral disengagement) of violent video game playing on bullying/cyberbullying perpetration in early adolescents. The study included 479
Moral positioning in video games and its relation with dispositional traits: The emergence of a social dimension
Investigation of the relationship between moral positioning of video gamers and personality traits, aggression tendencies, and social abilities showed that gamers’ preferences for playing evil characters were negatively associated with extraversion, agreeableness, and empathy.
Does avatar identification make unjustified video game violence more morally consequential?
ABSTRACT Video games can be morally consequential, with immoral in-game behavior affecting moral outcomes, but less is known about what may amplify these effects. Avatar identification is one
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In an exploratory survey that sampled video gamers, participants were asked to indicate why they enjoy playing their favorite video game. On the basis of ESRB ratings, we compare those whose favorite


Brief report: Does exposure to violent video games increase moral disengagement among adolescents?
Preliminary evidence is provided that exposure to Grand Theft Auto IV predicted higher levels of moral disengagement and recency of exposure had a primary impact on the considered mechanisms ofmoral disengagement.
How players manage moral concerns to make video game violence enjoyable
Abstract Research on video game violence has focused on the impact of aggression, but has so far neglected the processes and mechanisms underlying the enjoyment of video game violence. The present
An Examination of Violence and Gender Role Portrayals in Video Games: Implications for Gender Socialization and Aggressive Behavior
  • T. Dietz
  • Political Science, Psychology
  • 1998
Using content analysis, this research examinesthe portrayal of women and the use of violent themes ina sample of 33 popular Nintendo and Sega Genesis videogames. It is proposed that video games, like
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It is well established that violent media can increase levels of aggression. The aim of the present study was to examine whether cognitive distortions mediate the relationship between enjoyment of
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Many avid gamers discount violent conduct in video games as morally insignificant as “it is just a game.” However, recent debates among users, regarding video games featuring inappropriate forms of
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This study investigates how game playing experience changes when a story is added to a first-person shooter game. Dependent variables include identification, presence, emotional experiences and
Models for Aggressive Behavior: The Attributes of Violent Characters in Popular Video Games
Americans are increasingly concerned about video games, presumably due to the amount and graphicness of violence they contain. Social Cognitive Theory suggests that people are more likely to imitate
Gender Differences and the Effect of Contextual Features on Game Enjoyment and Responses
  • Shu-Fang Lin
  • Psychology, Computer Science
    Cyberpsychology Behav. Soc. Netw.
  • 2010
The results show that participants felt less guilty and identified with the characters more when playing the morally justified characters of the non-violent game and females demonstrate different patterns of enjoyment to different contextual features of video games.
Popular Video Games: Quantifying the Presentation of Violence and Its Context
The aim of this study was to content analyze 60 of the most popular video games for violence from three gaming systems: Nintendo 64, Sega Dream- Cast, and Sony Playstation. Games were played for l0
Skill Gap: Quantifying Violent Content in Video Game Play Between Variably Skilled Users
This study investigated the effect of individuals’ self-reported skill levels on generated violent content. After playing a violent video game, participants (N = 68) completed a questionnaire