How Superduper Does a Physicalist Supervenience Need to Be?

  title={How Superduper Does a Physicalist Supervenience Need to Be?},
  author={Jessica N Wilson},
It has recently been made clear that the standard formulations of the supervenience relation – weak, global and strong, among others – are too programmatic to be the full answer to a physicalist’s prayers. All the standard formulations present the supervenience of one set of properties on another in terms of property correlations, without placing any constraints on the dependency relation eVecting these correlations. It turns out that such abstract characterizations do not ensure that… CONTINUE READING

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A short version of this essay will be forthcoming in the Proceedings of the 20th World Congress. 16 S. Shoemaker, 'Causal and Metaphysical Necessity See also his 'Causality and Properties

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