How Real Estate Segregated America

  title={How Real Estate Segregated America},
  author={Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor},
  pages={23 - 32}
Abstract:How could "fair housing" fail so spectacularly, forty years after it was signed into law? Recent scholarship shines a light on the nefarious role played by the government in locking African Americans into substandard housing and under-resourced public services from the early twentieth century on. However, it often fails to answer the question of why this discrimination persists long after the federal government formally renounced its own policies promoting segregation. A common… 

The Racist Impact of Redistributive Public Policies: Handout versus Hand-Up

Federal government policies, while benefitting some urban areas, have historically been detrimental to African-American people. Years of welfare and housing policies have placed central city

Race matters (even more than you already think): Racism, housing, and the limits of The Color of Law

  • D. Imbroscio
  • History
    Journal of Race, Ethnicity and the City
  • 2020
ABSTRACT As any good American urbanist knows: race matters. But precisely how does it matter? How have the pervasive and enduring modalities of racism (especially anti-Blackness) shaped the American

Property as technology

This article considers how private property functions as a technology of racial dispossession upon gentrifying terrains, particularly in San Francisco amidst its ‘Tech Boom 2.0.’ By engaging with

East Austin Oaks: The Limits of Participatory Planning in the Space Age

In the fall of 1968, just after the passage of the Fair Housing Act and before astronauts would first orbit the moon, President Johnson launched a housing design competition meant to apply space-age

Disparities in drinking water compliance: Implications for incorporating equity into regulatory practices

Disparities in drinking water quality pose harm to public health across the United States. Yet, few studies have systematically analyzed disproportionate exposure to impaired drinking water. This