How Possible is Sustainable Urban Development? An Analysis of Planners' Perceptions about New Urbanism, Smart Growth and the Ecological City

  title={How Possible is Sustainable Urban Development? An Analysis of Planners' Perceptions about New Urbanism, Smart Growth and the Ecological City},
  author={Edward J. Jepson and M. Edwards},
  journal={Planning Practice \& Research},
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Abstract New urbanism, smart growth and the ecological city have been proposed by advocates and others as being the essential equivalent of sustainable development as that term has been broadly defined. This paper focuses on how planners in the USA collectively define these three development approaches in terms of 14 principles of sustainable development. Based on a national survey of practicing planners in the USA, we find that planners everywhere have relatively high, but quite different… Expand
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Planning for urban sustainability: the geography of LEED®–Neighborhood Development™ (LEED®–ND™) projects in the United States
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