How Night Air Became Good Air, 1776–1930

  title={How Night Air Became Good Air, 1776–1930},
  author={Peter C. Baldwin},
  journal={Environmental History},
  pages={412 - 429}
  • P. Baldwin
  • Published 1 July 2003
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  • Environmental History

Miasma: a contextual view of air quality with implications for the home environment

ABSTRACT Consumers constantly are negotiating the air in homes. From temperature and comfort to humidity and cleanliness, the air in homes is constantly controlled. Air, air quality, and impacts on

Bibliography of Recent Literature in the History of Meteorology

The following is a bibliography of recent secondary literature in the history of meteorology, broadly conceived. It is presented in chronological order a) to illustrate the growth of history of

Morbidly Excited Soil: Sylvester Graham and the Environmental Ethos of Antebellum Reform

  • M. Reed
  • History
    Environmental History
  • 2021
A long intellectual tradition holds that gathering local waste, turning it into compost, and applying it to fields can remind us of ostensibly natural connections among humans, animals, and plants.

Assessment of the developmental success of Anopheles coluzzii larvae under different nutrient regimes: effects of diet quality, food amount and larval density

Five aspects of the organization and mining of malaria genomic and post-genomic data were examined, including the comparison of protein sequences including compositionally atypical malaria sequences, the high throughput reconstruction of molecular phylogenies, and the representation of biological processes, particularly metabolic pathways.

Understanding the contextual influences of the health outcomes of residential energy efficiency interventions: realist review

It was found that people’s expectations and culturally constructed heating practices influenced indoor temperatures and householder satisfaction, and that very deprived households were still affected by financial constraints despite the intervention measures.

Umwelt in Gesellschaft, Politik und Recht

Der Umgang mit den langfristigen Folgen menschlicher Eingriffe in Okosysteme stellt eine der grosten gesellschaftlichen Herausforderungen dar. Die Umweltethik beschaftigt sich mit der Anwendung

Negative Luminescence

The increasingly pervasive phenomenon of light pollution spans several different fields of concern, including the loss of the night sky, energy wastage, and the effects of artificial light on

(Bad) Air and (Faulty) Inspiration: Elemental and Environmental Influences on Fontane

Theodor Fontane’s obsession with air documented in his writings takes two very different forms. In his fiction, he assesses air quality in gendered terms so that men’s comments on factory smoke and

Grundbegriffe und Themenfelder

In diesem Abschnitt werden Begriffe und Themenfelder vorgestellt, die als Voraussetzungen fur umwelthistorische Analysen und Darstellungen grundlegende Bedeutung haben.



To Clear a Room of Mosquitoes

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  • 1870

The domesticated Americans

Thoreau's Body: Towards an Embodied Environmental History

Henry David Thoreau's body figured centrally in his efforts to immerse himself in the world beyond his skin. Nowhere did he express this wish more strongly than in a journal entry of August 23, 1853.