How New and Assertive Is China's New Assertiveness?

  title={How New and Assertive Is China's New Assertiveness?},
  author={Alastair Iain Johnston},
  journal={International Security},
  • A. Johnston
  • Published 2013
  • Political Science
  • International Security
There has been a rapidly spreading meme in U.S. pundit and academic circles since 2010 that describes China's recent diplomacy as “newly assertive.” This “new assertiveness” meme suffers from two problems. First, it underestimates the complexity of key episodes in Chinese diplomacy in 2010 and overestimates the amount of change. Second, the explanations for the new assertiveness claim suffer from unclear causal mechanisms and lack comparative rigor that would better contextualize China's… Expand
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Debating China's Assertiveness
In “How New and Assertive Is China’s New Assertiveness?” Iain Johnston argues that China’s recent foreign policy is not as assertive as many scholars and pundits contend. Johnston’s study is aExpand
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