How Much Democratic Backsliding?

  title={How Much Democratic Backsliding?},
  author={Valeriya Mechkova and Valeriya Anna Staffan I. L{\"u}hrmann and Valeriya Anna Staffan I. Lindberg},
  journal={Journal of Democracy},
  pages={162 - 169}
Democracy is facing challenges across the world, yet suggestions of a global crisis are not warranted. Based on data from the largest democracy database ever compiled, the Varieties of Democracy Project (V-Dem), we find that the number of democracies worldwide declined slightly from 100 in 2011 to 97 today, and 16 countries transitioned to democracy over the last ten years, including Tunisia, Nepal, and Nigeria. However, there is a fair degree of volatility. In 2013 alone, five countries… Expand

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