How Intention Informed Recommendations Modulate Choices: A Field Study of Spoken Word Content

  title={How Intention Informed Recommendations Modulate Choices: A Field Study of Spoken Word Content},
  author={Longqi Yang and Michael Sobolev and Yu Wang and Jenny Chen and D. Dunne and Christina Tsangouri and Nicola Dell and M. Naaman and D. Estrin},
  journal={The World Wide Web Conference},
People's content choices are ideally driven by their intentions, aspirations, and plans. However, in reality, choices may be modulated by recommendation systems which are typically trained to promote popular items and to reinforce users' historical behavior. As a result, the utility and user experience of content consumption can be affected implicitly and undesirably. To study this problem, we conducted a 2 × 2 randomized controlled field experiment (105 urban college students) to compare the… Expand
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