How Infographic should be evaluated

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With a little time and too much information to learn, Infographics were used to support as data visualization. [] Key Method The types of infographics are mentioned with the examples. The trendy multimedia and interactive infographic are introduced. The most important part of the paper is the evaluation approach, which will be addressed with the questions and discussion for infographic developer. The recommendation for infographic designing will be concluded in the last section of the paper.
Designing Infographics in a Higher Education context: content and aesthetics in a timeline layout
Criteria for the efficacy of infographics is addressed: an evaluation rubric has been used to examine appearance and explanation based on aesthetic and content values.
Using Infographics for Teaching
Outstanding advances in educational technology are significantly influencing new learning environments, where it is necessary for teachers to respond and for learners to be able to adapt to the
Processes of Creating Infographics for Data Visualization
This paper presents a brief overview of infographics, together with study which was originated to discover what motivates people to design infographics and what are the components of the creative
Developing an Instructional Design for the Design of Infographics and the Evaluation of Infographic Usage in Teaching Based on Teacher and Student Opinions
Infographics have been frequently used in recent years with the purpose of the visual presentation of information. It is a visualisation method which aims at presenting any content with a visual
Effects of Infographics on Student Achievement and Students' Perceptions of the Impacts of Infographics
Infographics, a portmanteau of "information” and “graphics," are used in the current study as an instructional assignment in an introductory curriculum course. This study’s goals are to investigate
An islamic animated infographic model for da'wah dissemination: a case study of prophets's sunnah in eating and drinking
It could be concluded that animated infographic could be one of the alternative methods to disseminate da’wah as well as a creative and attractive approach in showing the beauty of Islam.
Effectiveness of science infographics in improving academic performance among sixth grade pupils of one laboratory school in the Philippines
This study determined the effectiveness of science infographics in improving academic performance among sixth-grade pupils of Batangas State University ARASOFNasugbu Laboratory School. Based on the
Infografías sobre calidad de vida difundidas por el gobierno de México en el sitio “Todo sobre el COVID-19”.
It is appreciated that the infographics socialize information about QoL linked to the pandemic, and it is necessary to increase messages on topics such as mental health and the management of work stress during confinement.
Regional Development of China’s Inclusive Finance Through Financial Technology
Financial technology, commonly used the term as FinTech, is a key emerging driver of inclusive finance. This is also one of the emerging issues of finance as well as financial research. This research
Nationhood by Design? The Discursive Construction of a "new" New Zealand in the Flag Consideration Project
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Infographics: The New Communication Tools in Digital Age
The history, importance, and benefit of infographics in general are included and the tools for making infographics efficiently are introduced and the suggestive guidelines of infographic creation are also addressed.
An infographical approach to designing the problem list
This paper delineates the exploration of goals and requirements for the patient problem list, its design conceptualization, and the evolution of the final product, a rich, interactive infographic that displays far more digestible information than is possible with more conventional methods.
White Space is Not Your Enemy: A Beginner's Guide to Communicating Visually through Graphic, Web & Multimedia Design
White Space is Not Your Enemy, Second Edition is a practical graphic design and layout guide that introduces the concepts and practices necessary for producing effective visual communication across a variety of formats--from web to print.
Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design
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Infographics: An Approach of Innovative Communication Tool for E-Entrepreneurship Marketing
With infographics can escalate the growth of e-entrepreneurship, they will be very useful as the well-organized, easy-to-understand, eye-catchy, and shareability marketing tools.
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