How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

  title={How Europe Underdeveloped Africa},
  author={Walter Rodney},
Preface Addition to the preface Introduction Chapter One - Some Questions on Development What is Development What is Underdevelopment? Chapter Two - How Africa Developed Before the Coming of the Europeans up to the 15th Century General Over-View Concrete Examples Chapter Three - Africa's Contribution to European Capitalist Development - the Pre-Colonial Period How Europe Became the Dominant Section of a World- Wide Trade System Africa's contribution to the economy and beliefs of early… 

African Economic Development Dilemma: Prospects Before the End of the Twenty-First Century

Today, Africa, particularly sub-Saharan Africa falls among the lessdeveloped countries (LDCs) of the world. This view has been substantiated with different data from diverse research works. As the

Neo-colonialism and Africa’s Development: A Critical Review

This research work accessed Nkrumah’s thought on neo-colonialism and Africa’s development. The broad objective of the study is to develop a framework for the complete liberation of Africa from the

How Africa Got into a Mess: Colonial Legacy, Underdevelopment, Corruption and Human Rights Violations in Africa

  • I. Mekoa
  • Political Science, History
    Journal of Reviews on Global Economics
  • 2019
The political independence that the people of Africa attained over the last four decades was not a gift from the Western colonial powers. It was however the result of the struggles of the African

Africa: Beyond the "new" dependency: A political economy

Scholars seek to articulate plausible explanations for the current world situation where the vast majority of countries are underdeveloped while a relatively small portion- the Western countries, are

Genealogies of Coloniality and Implications for Africa's Development

How Africa was conceived as an idea and integrated into the evolving Euro-North American-centric modernity is a tale of genealogies of colonialities and African resistance(s). Genealogies of


This paper focuses on how African national leaders can make global democracy relevant to sustainable development in Africa. Seeing the problem of sustainable development in Africa from the structural

Africa in the Global Capitalism: An Era of Development or Exploitation?

Abstract During the past twentieth century, African researchers and loyal leaders have been on alert and yearned for notable development concerning Africa’s political economy via the so-called New

The Dynamics of Foreign Aid and The Dependency Theory: The Nigeria’s Experience

. This paper is a theoretical enquiry of the relationship between foreign aid and the dependency theory in Africa, and in particular, Nigeria. Dependency theory comprises of two sets of states

Africa and Social Capital: From Human Trade to Civil War *

Introduction We argue the common theme in Africa's underdevelopment were constant declines in social capital. In doing so we provide brief historical backgrounds on the impact of the slave trade,

Extra-African powers and the crisis of regionalism in Africa: background to and reflections on France’s engagement with Africa

In the 1960s, African leaders, irrespective of their ideological orientations, size of their nations and indeed, level of national development, did believe that the futures of their countries lie in