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How Drag Queen Storytime in libraries helps early years children develop multi-literacies, empathy and centres inclusion

  title={How Drag Queen Storytime in libraries helps early years children develop multi-literacies, empathy and centres inclusion},
  author={Colette Townend},
On the surface, drag queen storytime (DQS) in a library setting is seen as fun, glamourous, entertaining and possibly a novelty. However, through careful consideration of execution DQS can learn from and build on the established success of library early years storytime programmes. Emphasising expected storytelling skills, mulit-literacies, learning development, play, community cohesion and empathy. Looking at studies and observing reports from DQS sessions I will consider how DQS can extend… 


A Rainbow of Creativity: Exploring Drag Queen Storytimes and Gender Creative Programming in Public Libraries
  • J. Naidoo
  • Education
    Children and Libraries
  • 2018
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