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How Does Your Password Measure Up? The Effect of Strength Meters on Password Creation

  title={How Does Your Password Measure Up? The Effect of Strength Meters on Password Creation},
  author={B. Ur and P. Kelley and Saranga Komanduri and J. Lee and Michael Maass and Michelle L. Mazurek and Timothy Passaro and R. Shay and Timothy Vidas and L. Bauer and N. Christin and L. Cranor},
  booktitle={USENIX Security Symposium},
  • B. Ur, P. Kelley, +9 authors L. Cranor
  • Published in USENIX Security Symposium 2012
  • Computer Science
  • To help users create stronger text-based passwords, many web sites have deployed password meters that provide visual feedback on password strength. Although these meters are in wide use, their effects on the security and usability of passwords have not been well studied. We present a 2,931-subject study of password creation in the presence of 14 password meters. We found that meters with a variety of visual appearances led users to create longer passwords. However, significant increases in… CONTINUE READING
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