How Customer Experience Affects the Customer-Based Brand Equity for Tourism Destinations

  title={How Customer Experience Affects the Customer-Based Brand Equity for Tourism Destinations},
  author={Yan Yang and Xiaoming Liu and Jun (Justin) Li},
  journal={Journal of Travel \& Tourism Marketing},
  pages={S113 - S97}
ABSTRACT In this study we examine the impact of customer experience (CE) on customer-based brand equity (CBBE) for tourism destinations. Breaking down CE into the constituents of service performance, word-of-mouth(WOM), and advertising, we use a structural equation model to test survey data gathered from Mainland Chinese outbound tourists. We found that destination service performance (DSP) has the most significant impact on destination brand equity, followed by WOM. Advertising does not show a… 
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  • P. Rani
  • Business
    Journal of Tourism Analysis: Revista de Análisis Turístico
  • 2019
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