How Christiaan Huygens mathematized nature

  title={How Christiaan Huygens mathematized nature},
  author={H. Floris Cohen},
  journal={The British Journal for the History of Science},
  pages={79 - 84}
  • H. Cohen
  • Published 1 March 1991
  • Art
  • The British Journal for the History of Science
This concise and modestly presented book offers exciting reading to a diverse audience. To the student of the Scientific Revolution in any of its manifold aspects, Joella Yoder's book has important insights to offer, in particular about how the ' mathematization of nature' went ahead in daily, sometimes hourly, practice. If one's appetite is whetted by a well-argued revision of current views on how seventeenth-century geometry and the onset of the calculus were connected, Unrolling Time is…