How Can Students Improve Their Reading Comprehension Skill

  title={How Can Students Improve Their Reading Comprehension Skill},
  author={Abbas Pourhosein Gilakjani and Narjes Banou Sabouri},
  journal={Journal of Studies in Education},
Reading is an interactive process in which readers construct a meaningful representation of a text using effective reading strategies. Effective reading strategies are considered as significant skills that have received the special focus on students’ reading comprehension proficiency. In this paper, the researchers define the term reading and reading comprehension, explain the types of reading, declare models of reading process, state theories of reading comprehension, review the effective… 

Exploring Student Reading Comprehension and Parental Intervention: A Literature Review

This study aimed to see how parental involvement affects reading proficiency in terms of reading comprehension and word recognition. The related readings from the literature, journals, dissertations,


Abstract: The purpose of this article is deeply to investigate of some issues about increasing students’ reading comprehension skill by using written text. According to article that I use to support

Effectiveness of Multimedia and Text-Based Reading Approaches to Grade 10 Students’ Reading Comprehension Skills

Reading Comprehension skill is essential for learners to achieve a certain standard level. It is multifaceted that it connects to all other skills like writing, listening, and speaking. Thus, the

An Application of a Three-phase Reading Comprehension Instructional Model in Teaching Language Arts at Vietnamese High Schools

The article focuses on investigating the three-phase reading comprehension instructional model (pre-reading, while-reading and post-reading), based on which it will identify how to apply this model

The Cognitive Reading Strategy in Learning English

  • Syafrida MaiwenJufri
  • Education
    Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Lifelong Learning and Education for Sustainability (ICLLES 2019)
  • 2020
The background of this research is the demanding of the students who should study more by themselves and the important of using strategy in comprehending reading text of EFL students in improving

An Analysis of Students’ Reading Skill Using Electronic Book to Improve Students’ English Reading Literacy in Elementary School

This study was analyzed student reading skill using electronic book to improve students’ English literacy in elementary school. The subjects of the study were five articles are chosen from how the

The Impact of Motivation on Reading Comprehension

Motivation is one of the important factors which impact greatly on language learning. One of the most important factors which receives the special focus in foreign language teaching is reading

The Modified Of Picture Strip Story Based On Contextual Teaching and Learning to Improve Students’ Reading Comprehension

Background: Reading skill is needed to get information. Reading is important because it can help the students to gain information such as general knowledge, subject of school. Through reading people

Activating Students' Schemata in Teaching Reading Comprehension

It is found that both of experimental classes generally improved for five aspects of reading but in experimental class two, it is tend to increase slightly and schema activation strategy improves students’ reading comprehension better than graphic organizers does.


It has been acknowledged that comprehending a text is a challenging process, as it requires a series of metacognitive strategies (Cubukcu, 2008). As academic achievement in a wide range of subject



Reciprocal Teaching Strategies and Their Impacts on English Reading Comprehension

Whenever teachers are faced with the problem of students who do not have adequate comprehension skills, they need to be able to train those students to use metacognitive strategies; otherwise, these

Reading Comprehension Strategies

The results of this book indicate that think-aloud and reciprocal teaching had significantly positive effects on the English reading comprehension; however, think- aloud better enhancesEnglish reading comprehension.

The Relationship between L2 Reading Comprehensionand Schema Theory: A Matter of Text Familiarity

Readers construct meaning from clues found in a text which is related to the use of background knowledge in understanding the content of the passage. Reading is an interactive process in which

A Comparison of Reading Comprehension Processes in Good and Poor Comprehenders.

REVIEWS SELECTED STUDIES in the area of reading comprehension in order to characterize the differential strategies that skilled and less skilled comprehenders employ. The research reviewed is

Intensive Reading and Necessity to Integrate Learning Strategies Instruction

A number of learning strategies, presumably relevant to IR course in Chinese context, are suggested for Chinese teachers of English, who may integrate instruction on the use of the suggested learning strategies with regular classroom activities.

The Development of Strategic Readers

Our aim in this chapter is to present a view of reading, which emphasises a reader’s progression through a text, that is, looking at reading as a process rather than as a product. For the last two

The effects of three instructional methods on the reading comprehension and content acquisition of novice readers

This study explores the effects of 3 instructional methods: Picture Walks (Clay, 1991; Fountas & Pinnell, 1996), KWL (Ogle, 1986), and the Directed Reading-Thinking Activity (Stauffer, 1969) on the...

Teaching reading comprehension to ESL/EFL learners

Research conducted over the last three decades has changed our view of reading as a mere process of decoding. As Carrell and Eisterhold state EFL/ESL reading theory has been influenced during the

Reading Comprehension Tests Vary in the Skills They Assess: Differential Dependence on Decoding and Oral Comprehension

Comprehension tests are often used interchangeably, suggesting an implicit assumption that they are all measuring the same thing. We examine the validity of this assumption by comparing some of the

The Effects of an Intensive Shared Book-Reading Intervention for Preschool Children at Risk for Vocabulary Delay

This study examined the effects of an intensive shared book-reading intervention on the vocabulary development of preschool children who were at risk for vocabulary delay. The participants were 125