How COVID vaccines are being divvied up around the world.

  title={How COVID vaccines are being divvied up around the world.},
  author={Asher Mullard},
Strategies for drug production and procurement in a context of technological dependency.
This story is an example of Brazil’s efforts to free itself of foreign dependency in the production and purchase of essential goods such as drugs, antisera, and vaccines, as well as the adoption of a series of instruments to promote domestic production of active ingredients and medicines.
The Welfare Cost of Vaccine Misallocation, Delays and Nationalism
  • C. Gollier
  • Economics
    Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • 2021
The welfare impact of the strong French anti-vax movement, and of the prohibition of an immunity passport are measured, and the global death toll is increased by 20%.
An improved numerical model for epidemic transmission and infection risks assessment in indoor environment
Social distance will remain the key measure to contain COVID-19 before the global widespread vaccination coverage expected in 2024. Containing the virus outbreak in the office is prioritised to
Global Perspective of COVID-19 Vaccine Nationalism
Ass assessments revealed that the global pattern holds in every continent and the global community should take initiatives to speed up the COVID-19 vaccination program in all countries of the world, irrespective of their wealth.
Impact of community masking on COVID-19: A cluster-randomized trial in Bangladesh
Description Persuading people to mask Even in places where it is obligatory, people tend to optimistically overstate their compliance for mask wearing. How then can we persuade more of the population
Justice beliefs and cultural values predict support for COVID-19 vaccination and quarantine behavioral mandates: a multilevel cross-national study.
Understanding how individual beliefs and societal values influence support for measures to prevent SARS-CoV-2 transmission is vital to developing and implementing effective prevention policies. Using
A plea for equitable global access to COVID‐19 diagnostics, vaccination and therapy: The NeuroCOVID‐19 Task Force of the European Academy of Neurology
The European Academy of Neurology NeuroCO VID‐19 Task Force intends to raise awareness of the potential impact of COVID‐19 on inequalities in healthcare and calls for action to prevent disparity at individual, national and supranational levels.
Adenoviral vector vaccine platforms in the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
This review details adenoviral vector COVID-19 vaccines currently in human clinical trials and provides an overview of the new technologies employed in their design.
Association between COVID-19 mortality and population level health and socioeconomic indicators
It is demonstrated that 43% of the variability in COVID-19 mortality in US counties can be explained by health/socioeconomic factors, adjusting for case rates.