How Best to Teach Global Software Engineering? Educators Are Divided

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Pioneering educators discuss how they inject realism into global-software-engineering education. 
Preparing Tomorrow's Software Engineers for Work in a Global Environment
The authors discuss challenges to and recommendations for implementing such instruction in GSE and suggest ways to improve the quality of instruction.
Global Software Engineering Education Practice Continuum Special Issue of the ACM Transactions on Computing Education
This issue comes at a time when universities are recognizing the need to provide courses that address the challenges of distributed development and presents research that will facilitate course leaders currently running, or embarking on, Global Software Engineering Education (GSE-Ed).
Online collaborative tool usage for review meetings in software engineering courses
ABSTRACTThe instructors generally utilize conventional methods in teaching software engineering courses, where the students are provided theoretical knowledge based on text books or lecture notes. ...
From an International Classroom to a Distributed Work Environment: Student Perspectives on Global Software Engineering
  • S. Vasilache
  • Computer Science, Engineering
    2018 IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE)
  • 2018
This paper highlights several issues in software engineering teaching, as well as practicalities of software development, from the perspective of a group of students belonging to various cultural backgrounds.
Managing Diversity in Distributed Software Development Education—A Longitudinal Case Study
This article presents and analyzes the emerging diversities specific to distributed project-based courses, and proposes insights on how to manage the various diversity aspects.
Do We Teach the Right Thing? A Comparison of GSE Education and Practice
  • Sarah Beecham, J. Noll, T. Clear
  • Engineering, Computer Science
    2017 IEEE 12th International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE)
  • 2017
A survey of GSE SMEs found which of 70 Global Teaming Model practices were problematic and important to this sample, and a rich set of 63 unique GSE-Ed recommendations were found to support the seven GTM practices, but a surprising complexity of roles and responsibilities undertaken by the instructor in G SE-Ed courses was unearthed.
Evaluating GSD-Aware
A serious game called GSD-Aware is proposed, with which students can “suffer” some of the typical challenges of GSD by interacting with avatars and by using several means of communication to solve a number of problems posed.
Engaging Students in Open Source: Establishing FOSS Development at a University
Bringing open source to university courses is an effective practical approach based on social learning and provides benefits for students and researchers.
Exploring and Expanding GSE Education with Open Source Software Development
The authors found that a combined GSE and OSSD course provides learning opportunities that are partly overlapping with, and partly complementary to, a traditional GSE course.
Building LEGO Towers
A small-scale exercise that uses LEGO bricks to teach skills necessary for global work and can be a valuable tool to help students dealing with troublesome knowledge associated with global software engineering and a useful complement to the courses dedicated to this subject.


Challenges and Recommendations for the Design and Conduct of Global Software Engineering Courses: A Systematic Review
This study aims to ameliorate the very difficult task of teaching GSE by delineating the challenges and providing some recommendations for overcoming them, and indicates that in addition to the challenges posed by GSE in general, particular problems arise in educational situations.
Teaching Global Software Engineering and International Project Management - Experiences and Lessons Learned from Four Academic Projects
The progression and lessons learned from four different globally distributed software engineering projects executed by late bachelor and master students from five different universities are depicted to facilitate future GSE endeavors in academia and industry.
Learning Global Agile Software Engineering Using Same-Site and Cross-Site Teams
It is found that students over time learned to better self-select tasks with less inter-team dependencies, to communicate more, and to work better in teams, suggesting that Scrum helps alleviate many GSE problems.