How Bad Is It? Perceptions of the Relationship Impact of Different Types of Internet Sexual Activities

  title={How Bad Is It? Perceptions of the Relationship Impact of Different Types of Internet Sexual Activities},
  author={Trent S. Parker and Karen Smith Wampler},
  journal={Contemporary Family Therapy},
Internet sex has become a ubiquitous phenomenon that is affecting couples and families. Eight scenarios (from visiting various adult web sites to having sex) involving a male or female character in a committed relationship were presented in a survey format. Participants (n = 242) rated each scenario in terms of emotional and physical involvement, amount of distraction from the primary relationship, and whether the respondent considered the scenario to be an affair. Results indicate that… 

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The internet and its usage into the everyday lives of a significantly large population has tremendously changed the way people communicate and interact. Since the advent of the internet, couples,

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The sexy side of the Internet: an examination of sexual activities and materials in cyberspace.

“Every technological innovation creates deviant as well as respectable possibilities” (Edgley & Kiser, 1981, p. 59). Edgley and Kiser (1981) were referring to “Polaroid sex,” that is, instant

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The findings indicate that therapists go through a variety of steps in treatment, including developing physical boundaries and developing psychological boundaries, as well as managing accountability, trust, and feelings.

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Abstract Prior research has examined how Internet addiction can impact couple relationships. This article investigates how with the advent of the Internet a new dimension has been created for

Too Much Time Online: Internet Addiction or Healthy Social Interactions?

  • J. Grohol
  • Psychology
    Cyberpsychology Behav. Soc. Netw.
  • 1999
The debate surrounding the definition and validity of "Internet addiction,"a theorized disorder involving people who find themselves spending a lot of time online to the detriment of other

Emotional and Sexual Components of Extramarital Relations.

Three types of extramarital relations were investigated: (a) emotional (in love) but not sexual (intercourse), (b) sexual (intercourse) but not emotional (in love), and (c) emotional (in love) and

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  • Business
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The Internet's effect on sexuality is divided into the three broad categories: negative patterns, positive connections, and commercial aspects and three of the key factors that combine to give the Internet its power are delineated.

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Le cybersexe peut etre envisage comme une relation interpersonnelle etablie dans un cadre virtuel. L'A. examine ce que signifient l'infidelite, l'engagement dans ce contexte relationnel. Il decrit la