Housekeeping genes tend to show reduced upstream sequence conservation

  title={Housekeeping genes tend to show reduced upstream sequence conservation},
  author={Dom{\`e}nec Farr{\'e} and Nicol{\'a}s Bellora and Loris Mularoni and Xavier Messeguer and M. Mar Alb{\`a}},
  journal={Genome Biology},
  pages={R140 - R140}
Understanding the constraints that operate in mammalian gene promoter sequences is of key importance to understand the evolution of gene regulatory networks. The level of promoter conservation varies greatly across orthologous genes, denoting differences in the strength of the evolutionary constraints. Here we test the hypothesis that the number of tissues in which a gene is expressed is related in a significant manner to the extent of promoter sequence conservation. We show that mammalian… CONTINUE READING

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