Household Syphilis (Syphilis Œconomica), with Observations on Acquired Syphilis in Infants

  title={Household Syphilis (Syphilis {\OE}conomica), with Observations on Acquired Syphilis in Infants},
  author={John Alexander Nixon},
  booktitle={Bristol medico-chirurgical journal},
The transmission of syphilis by other means than sexual intercourse is probably commoner than we are wont to suppose. We always receive the protestations of syphilitic adults that ?coitus has not been the source of infection with a scepticism which worldly wisdom goes far to justify. But every now and again a case of acquired syphilis in a child raises a doubt whether we do not underestimate the frequency of the spread of syphilis by domestic and accidental as opposed to venereal contagion. I… CONTINUE READING

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