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House prices and underground electricity distribution lines: the case of three selected suburbs in Canberra

  title={House prices and underground electricity distribution lines: the case of three selected suburbs in Canberra},
  author={Benjamin McNair},

Strategic response to a sequence of discrete choice questions

According to neoclassical economic theory, the only stated preference elicitation format that can feasibly be employed in field studies to which truthful response can be the dominant strategy for all

Households’ Willingness to Pay for Undergrounding Electricity and Telecommunications Wires

Underground telecommunications and low-voltage electricity networks have several advantages over overhead networks including reliability of supply, safety and improved visual amenity. The economic



Hedonic Prices and Implicit Markets: Product Differentiation in Pure Competition

  • S. Rosen
  • Economics
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1974
A class of differentiated products is completely described by a vector of objectively measured characteristics. Observed product prices and the specific amounts of characteristics associated with

Pricing Residential Amenities: The Value of a View

This study provides estimates of the value of the view amenity in single-family residential real estate markets. A focus on Bellingham, Washington, a city with a variety of views, including ocean,

Valuing Public Goods: A Comparison of Survey and Hedonic Approaches

Although the theory of public goods has progressed rapidly since Paul Samuelson's seminal article, the empirical measurement of the value of (demand for) public goods only recently has received

Power Lines, Visual Encumbrance and House Values: A Microspatial Approach to Impact Measurement

This research looks at the impact of high-voltage transmission lines (HVTL) on surrounding property values, using a microspatial approach. It is based on a sample of 507 single-family houses sold

Power Lines and Land Value

This study attempts to detect whether power lines, power line towers, or both have an impact on the selling price of proximate residential land and to measure the magnitude of these impacts if they

Measuring the Value of Housing Quality

Abstract Based on an extensive sample of individual dwelling units, this article estimates the market value, or the implicit prices, of specific aspects of the bundles of residential services

The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields from Transmission Lines on Public Fears and Property Values

Reports that proximity to electrical transmission or distribution lines may be responsible for increases in human health risks, including leukemia and brain cancers, have resulted in a sharp rise in