House dust mite allergen levels in German day-care centers.

  title={House dust mite allergen levels in German day-care centers.},
  author={Steffen Engelhart and Thomas Bieber and Martin Exner},
  journal={International journal of hygiene and environmental health},
  volume={205 6},
We investigated the levels of the major house dust mite allergens, Der p 1 and Der f 1, in dust collected from various locations in 41 day-care centers from two German cities (Düsseldorf and Bonn). One hundred and thirty-seven (96%) of 143 samples yielded detectable amounts of house dust mite allergen (range, < 15-85,000 ng/g; interquartile range, 210-1,480 ng group I allergen [sum of Der p 1 and Der f 1]/g dust), and 24 (17%) of the samples (8/34 mattresses; 11/46 cushions/soft toys; 5/43… CONTINUE READING

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