Hourglass cell development in the soybean seed coat.

  title={Hourglass cell development in the soybean seed coat.},
  author={Shea Miller and Zhuang Jin and Jaimie A. Schnell and Ma Carmen Romero and Daniel W. Brown and Douglas A. Johnson},
  journal={Annals of botany},
  volume={106 2},
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Hourglass cells (HGCs) are prominent cells in the soybean seed coat, and have potential use as 'phytofactories' to produce specific proteins of interest. Previous studies have shown that HGCs initiate differentiation at about 9 d post-anthesis (dpa), assuming their characteristic morphology by 18 dpa. This study aims to document the structural changes in HGCs during this critical period, and to relate these changes to the concurrent development of a specific soybean… CONTINUE READING