HotMatch results for OEAI 2012

  title={HotMatch results for OEAI 2012},
  author={Thanh-Tung Dang and Alexander Gabriel and Sven Hertling and Philipp Roskosch and Marcel Wlotzka and Jan Ruben Zilke and Frederik Janssen and Heiko Paulheim},
HotMatch is a multi-strategy matcher developed by a group of students at Technische Universität Darmstadt in the course of a hands-on training. It implements various matching strategies. The tool version submitted to OAEI 2012 combines different basic matching strategies, both element-based and structure-based, and a set of filters for removing faulty mappings. 1 Presentation of the system 1.1 State, purpose, general statement HotMatch1 has been developed by a group of students in the course of… CONTINUE READING

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