Hot-pressed ceramic Cr(2+):ZnSe gain-switched laser.

  title={Hot-pressed ceramic Cr(2+):ZnSe gain-switched laser.},
  author={A. R. Gallian and Vladimir V. Fedorov and Sergey B. Mirov and Valerii V. Badikov and Sergey N Galkin and E F Voronkin and A I Lalayants},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={14 24},
The technology of hot-pressed Cr(2+):ZnSe ceramic preparation is reported. Comparative gain-switched lasing of hot-pressed ceramic and CVD grown Cr(2+):ZnSe samples with slope efficiencies up to 10% and output energies up to 2 mJ were demonstrated. This is a milestone in the development of future large scale mid-IR laser systems based on ceramic TM(2+):II-VI materials. This evolving technology has excellent potential as media for practical low cost, high power mid-IR laser applications.