Hot dense capsule-implosion cores produced by Z-pinch dynamic Hohlraum radiation.

  title={Hot dense capsule-implosion cores produced by Z-pinch dynamic Hohlraum radiation.},
  author={J. E. Bailey and G. A. Chandler and Stephen A. Slutz and I S Golovkin and P. W. Lake and J J Macfarlane and Roberto C. Mancini and T J Burris-Mog and Glenn Cooper and Ramon J Leeper and Thomas A. Mehlhorn and Thomas C. Moore and Thomas J Nash and Dan S. Nielsen and Carlos L Ruiz and D. G. Schroen and W A Varnum},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={92 8},
Hot dense capsule implosions driven by Z-pinch x rays have been measured using a approximately 220 eV dynamic Hohlraum to implode 1.7-2.1 mm diameter gas-filled CH capsules. The capsules absorbed up to approximately 20 kJ of x rays. Argon tracer atom spectra were used to measure the T(e) approximately 1 keV electron temperature and the n(e) approximately 1-4 x 10(23) cm(-3) electron density. Spectra from multiple directions provide core symmetry estimates. Computer simulations agree well with… CONTINUE READING
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