Hot band spectroscopy of the formyl cation, H12C16O+.


Midinfrared spectra of the formyl cation, HCO(+), were recorded by direct absorption in a glow discharge (composition CO, 50 mTorr; H2, 50 mTorr; He, 7 Torr) using a color center laser spectrometer and velocity modulation with heterodyne detection. The bands measured were 10(0)0-00(0)0, 11(1)0-01(1)0, 12(0)0-02(0)0, 12(2)0-02(2)0, 10(0)1-00(0)1, 11(1)1-01(1… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/jp312879f


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@article{Neese2013HotBS, title={Hot band spectroscopy of the formyl cation, H12C16O+.}, author={Christopher F. Neese and Peter S Kreynin and Takeshi Oka}, journal={The journal of physical chemistry. A}, year={2013}, volume={117 39}, pages={9899-907} }