Hot News on Mercury's Core

  title={Hot News on Mercury's Core},
  author={Sean C. Solomon},
  pages={702 - 703}
Radar measurements show that the outer core of Mercury is molten, providing insight into the planet's history and the origin of its magnetic field. 
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Large Longitude Libration of Mercury Reveals a Molten Core

Observations of radar speckle patterns tied to the rotation of Mercury establish that the planet occupies a Cassini state with obliquity of 2.11 ± 0.1 arc minutes, and indicate that the mantle of Mercury is decoupled from a core that is at least partially molten.

Sulfur in Mercury's Core?

Abstract New models of Mercury's internal structure are calculated for different amounts of sulfur in the core. The density of an FeS core differs by only about 0.5% from the mean density of Mercury.

The magnetic field of Mercury, 1

An updated analysis and interpretation are presented of the magnetic field observations obtained during the Mariner 10 encounter with the planet Mercury on March 29, 1974. The combination of data

A deep dynamo generating Mercury’s magnetic field

A numerical model of a dynamo driven by thermo-compositional convection associated with inner core solidification that explains the observed structure and strength of Mercury’s surface magnetic field and makes predictions that are testable with space missions both presently flying and planned.