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Hosting Web Communities: Building Relationships, Increasing Customer Loyalty, and Maintaining A Competitive Edge

  title={Hosting Web Communities: Building Relationships, Increasing Customer Loyalty, and Maintaining A Competitive Edge},
  author={Cliff Figallo},
From the Publisher: Cliff Figallo shares his proven experience and vision for planning, developing, and maintaining a successful Web community. He also explores the many ways that hosting a Web community can benefit your enterprise. Cliff acquaints you with the basic tools and technologies involved and offers step-by-step explanations for everything. 
Effects on Sales by Virtual Community Interactions: A Social Network Analysis
  • S. Sharma, H. Xu
  • Computer Science
  • 2006 10th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design
  • 2006
This study examines diverse case studies for the understanding of how virtual communities operate and exchange information, and whether these social interactions influence business sales and relationships. Expand
Maximizing the channel potential increases the business value of a firm's Web site.
The Web is fast emerging as a major player in the relationships betw^een pro- ducers and consumers. These relation- ships can be described in terms of channels, or the paths that products or servicesExpand
Increasing Capital Revenue in Social Networking Communities: Building Social and Economic Relationships through Avatars and Characters
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Potentiel relationnel et impact du site de marque sur la performance marketing
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IBF: An Integrated Business Framework for Virtual Communities
The paper provides an integrated business framework for Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer and Consumer-to-Consumer Virtual Communities. The framework involves internal and external factors.Expand
Virtual Communities provide effective means for client communication and retention. The role of Virtual Communities has been steadily increasing during the past five years. This paper explores howExpand
Effects onSales byVirtual Community Interactions: A Social NetworkAnalysis
Virtual Communities havebecome animportant aspect intheworldofe-commerce. Interactions andproduct recommendations areincreasingly employed byseveral online businesses. Thisstudyexamines diverse caseExpand
Employing mobile communities for marketing consumer goods
Communities are a traditional concept to enhance customer attraction, loyalty and retention for consumer goods. These communities are supported through either companies or customers themselves.Expand
Web channels in e-commerce
A popular commercial use of the Web is for busi-ness advertising, and activities such as customer sup-port, customer services and after-sales support are primarily information-based and, therefore, the Web can play a significant role. Expand
The Community Model of Content A case study of the movie industry (2001)
Information and communication technology not only provide new kinds of content, but also new designs for the production, packaging, multiplying and distribution of it, where new actors are involved in various processes along the value chain. Expand