Host specificity of Lepidoptera in tropical and temperate forests

  title={Host specificity of Lepidoptera in tropical and temperate forests},
  author={Lee A. Dyer and Michael S. Singer and John T. Lill and John O Iii Stireman and Grant L. Gentry and Robert J. Marquis and Robert E. Ricklefs and Harold Greeney and David L. Wagner and Helena Castanheira de Morais and Ivone Rezende Diniz and Thomas A. Kursar and Phyllis D Coley},
For numerous taxa, species richness is much higher in tropical than in temperate zone habitats. A major challenge in community ecology and evolutionary biogeography is to reveal the mechanisms underlying these differences. For herbivorous insects, one such mechanism leading to an increased number of species in a given locale could be increased ecological… CONTINUE READING
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