Host shift by the burying beetle, Nicrophorus pustulatus, a parasitoid of snake eggs.

  title={Host shift by the burying beetle, Nicrophorus pustulatus, a parasitoid of snake eggs.},
  author={G. A. Smith and Stephen T. Trumbo and Derek S. Sikes and Michelle Pellissier Scott and Rex L. Smith},
  journal={Journal of evolutionary biology},
  volume={20 6},
Recent work [Ecoscience (2000) vol. 7, 395-397] suggests that the burying beetle Nicrophorus pustulatus may have undergone a remarkable host shift, exploiting snake eggs rather than carrion as resources for breeding. We conducted behavioural and physiological experiments to examine the hypothesis of a host shift and to formulate hypotheses on its origin. Two congeners of N. pustulatus, Nicrophorus orbicollis and Nicrophorus defodiens did not respond to snake eggs with typical breeding behaviour… CONTINUE READING
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