Host-microbe interactions have shaped the genetic architecture of inflammatory bowel disease

  title={Host-microbe interactions have shaped the genetic architecture of inflammatory bowel disease},
  author={Luke Jostins and Stephan Ripke and Rinse Karel Weersma and Richard H. Duerr and Dermot P. B. McGovern and Ken Hui and James C. Lee and Ludwig Philip Schumm and Yashoda Sharma and Carl A Anderson and Jonah B Essers and Mitja Mitrovi{\vc} and Kaida Ning and Isabelle Cleynen and Emilie Th{\'e}{\^a}tre and Sarah L Spain and Soumya Raychaudhuri and Philippe Goyette and Zhi Wei and Clara Abraham and Jean-Paul Achkar and Tariq Ahmad and Leila Amininejad and Ashwin N. Ananthakrishnan and Vibeke Andersen and J M Andrews and Leonard Baidoo and Tobias Balschun and Peter A. Bampton and Alain Bitton and Gabrielle Boucher and Stephan Brand and Carsten Buening and Ariella Cohain and Sven Cichon and Mauro D’Amato and Dirk J de Jong and Kathy L. Devaney and Marla Cindy Dubinsky and Cathryn Edwards and David Ellinghaus and Lynnette Robin Ferguson and Denis Franchimont and Karin Fransen and R B Gearry and Michel Georges and Christian Gieger and J{\"u}rgen Glas and Talin Haritunians and Ailsa L. Hart and Chris J. Hawkey and Matija Hedl and Xinli Hu and Tom H. Karlsen and Limas Kup{\vc}inskas and Subra Kugathasan and Anna Latiano and Debby Laukens and Ian Craig Lawrance and Charlie W. Lees and Edouard J. Louis and Gillian Mahy and John C. Mansfield and Angharad R. Morgan and Craig Mowat and William G. Newman and Orazio Palmieri and Cyriel Y. Ponsioen and U Poto{\vc}nik and Natalie J Prescott and Miguel D. Regueiro and Jerome I. Rotter and Richard Russell and Jeremy David Sanderson and Miquel Sans and Jack Satsangi and Stefan Schreiber and Lisa A. Simms and Jurgita {\vS}ventoraitytė and Stephan Raoul Targan and Kent D. Taylor and Mark Tremelling and Hein W. Verspaget and M De Vos and Cisca Wijmenga and David C. Wilson and Juliane Winkelmann and Ramnik J. Xavier and Sebastian Zeissig and Bin Zhang and Clarence K. Zhang and Hongyu Zhao and Mark S. Silverberg and Vito Annese and Hakon Hakonarson and Steven R Brant and Graham L Radford-Smith and Christopher G Mathew and John D Rioux and Eric E. Schadt and Mark J. Daly and Andre Franke and M. B. A. Parkes and S{\'e}verine Vermeire and Jeffrey C. Barrett and Judy H Cho},
Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, the two common forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), affect over 2.5 million people of European ancestry, with rising prevalence in other populations. Genome-wide association studies and subsequent meta-analyses of these two diseases as separate phenotypes have implicated previously unsuspected mechanisms, such as autophagy, in their pathogenesis and showed that some IBD loci are shared with other inflammatory diseases. Here we expand on the… CONTINUE READING
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