Hospitals Turn to Housing to Help Homeless Patients.

  title={Hospitals Turn to Housing to Help Homeless Patients.},
  author={Bridget M Kuehn},
  • B. Kuehn
  • Published 5 March 2019
  • Medicine
  • JAMA
Unstable Housing and Kidney Disease: A Primer
Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Initiation and Continuation: a Qualitative Study of Patients Who Received Addiction Consultation and Hospital-Based Providers
Modifiable factors which facilitate hospital-based OUD treatment initiation and continuation include availability of in-hospital addiction expertise to offer easily accessible, patient-centered treatment and the use of methadone or buprenorphine to manage opioid withdrawal.
"Housing Is Health Care": Treating Homelessness in Safety-Net Hospitals.
How health workers in two U.S. urban safety-net hospitals worked with patients without stable housing is discussed and the implications of providers' extension of medical stabilization into social, economic, and political realms are analyzed, even as they remained caught in the structural dynamics they sought to address.
The relationship between quality of housing and quality of life: evidence from permanent supportive housing
State Medicaid expansion, coupled with financial incentives from alternative payment models, have fostered an increase in housing programs supported and implemented by hospitals and health systems....
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It is demonstrated that empirically investigating witnessed incivility from the patient/visitor perspective provides critical information about the unique patterns of mistreatment occurring within hospital contexts.
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H hierarchical Bayesian modeling is used to calculate individual-level estimates of the relative importance of physical recovery, work-related recovery, and disability benefits, based on the discrete choice experiment responses, and improves upon more commonly used regression techniques.
Supporting Primary Care Access and Use among Homeless Persons
Maintaining insurance and leveraging systems-based strategies to support primary care access and use may address health disparities and promote health equity.
Health Service Utilization and Costs at the Outset of a Permanent Supportive Housing Program: Baseline Evaluation Report
A baseline analysis of a permanent supportive housing program in Southern California to help address homelessness is described, examining demographic and clinical characteristics of enrollees and health care service utilization and costs.