Hospitalizations due to poisonings in Finland--1978-1984.

  title={Hospitalizations due to poisonings in Finland--1978-1984.},
  author={Anne Lamminp{\"a}{\"a}},
  journal={Journal of toxicology. Clinical toxicology},
  volume={29 1},
In the seven year period 1978-1984, 40,847 registered cases of poisonings were treated in hospital wards in Finland. 73.9% of the poisonings were due to drugs and 26.1% were due to technochemical products. The patients were primarily treated in internal medicine wards (65%) and in pediatric wards (16.3%). Seasonal variation was seen for agents such as oils, carbon monoxide, solvents, psychotropics, mushrooms and pesticides. Poisonings due to psychotropic drugs occurred at a steady rate during… CONTINUE READING
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