Hospitalization stress in children: sensitizer and repressor coping styles.

  title={Hospitalization stress in children: sensitizer and repressor coping styles.},
  author={Tiffany M. Field and Bernard Alpert and N Vega-Lahr and Sam Goldstein and Shlomit Perry},
  journal={Health psychology : official journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association},
  volume={7 5},
To examine the effects of individual sensitizer/repressor coping styles on responses to hospital procedures, 56 children (mean age = 6.5 years) were observed during hospitalization for minor surgery. Although the sensitizer children, as classified by their mothers, did not differ from the repressor children on baseline measures including hospital preparation, they were more talkative, expressive, and active during hospital play observations. During blood tests and preoperative injections, the… CONTINUE READING

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