Hospitalisations for gastroenteritis: the role of rotavirus.

  title={Hospitalisations for gastroenteritis: the role of rotavirus.},
  author={Paul Rivest and M{\'e}lanie Proulx and Guy Lonergan and Marc Lebel and Lucie B{\'e}dard},
  volume={22 15-16},
To determine the proportion of hospitalisations for gastroenteritis caused by rotavirus, we tested for rotavirus stool samples of all children under the age of five hospitalised for gastroenteritis between 1 December 1999 and 30 May 2000 in seven community and specialised hospitals in Quebec. Of 944 children hospitalised, 565 (59.9%) were screened for rotavirus and 405 (71.7%) tested positive. From December to April, the proportion of positive results rose from 51.6 to 78.1%. Compared with… CONTINUE READING

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