Hospital Readmission in General Medicine Patients: A Prediction Model

  title={Hospital Readmission in General Medicine Patients: A Prediction Model},
  author={Omar Hasan and David O. Meltzer and Shimon Shaykevich and Chaim M. Bell and Peter Kaboli and Andrew Auerbach and Tosha B. Wetterneck and Vineet M Arora and James Zhang and Jeffrey L. Schnipper},
  booktitle={Journal of General Internal Medicine},
Previous studies of hospital readmission have focused on specific conditions or populations and generated complex prediction models. To identify predictors of early hospital readmission in a diverse patient population and derive and validate a simple model for identifying patients at high readmission risk. Prospective observational cohort study. Participants encompassed 10,946 patients discharged home from general medicine services at six academic medical centers and were randomly divided into… CONTINUE READING