Horseshoe Kidney in an 80 Year Old with Chronic Kidney Disease

  title={Horseshoe Kidney in an 80 Year Old with Chronic Kidney Disease},
  author={Hema L. Ramkumar and Syed Mehmood Ahmed and Ehteshamuddin Syed and Jennifer Tuazon},
This image illustrates a horseshoe kidney from an elderly man that was being evaluated for chronic kidney disease associated with diabetes. Horseshoe kidney is the most common renal fusion abnormality, with an incidence of 1/400 worldwide and a male-to-female ratio of 2:1 and is not a cause of impaired kidney function. One theory of the abnormal fusion of the kidneys is that the metanephric blastemas close together before renal capsule maturation, resulting in fusion. The normal embryonic… CONTINUE READING


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