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Horror and the Holy: Wisdom-Teachings of the Monster Tale

  title={Horror and the Holy: Wisdom-Teachings of the Monster Tale},
  author={K. Schneider},
From Despair and Fanaticism to Awe: A Posttraumatic Growth Perspective on Cinematic Horror
Some fears run deeper than threats to life, limb, or property (although I do not make light of these). Some fears (or technically anxieties) are cosmic in nature and appear to underlie and yet eludeExpand
Let this Hell be Our Heaven: Richard Matheson’s Spirituality and Its Hollywood Distortions
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The monster chronicles : the role of children’s stories featuring monsters in managing childhood fears and promoting empowerment
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Trembling and Transcendence
SUMMARY Panic attacks and awe are both non-ordinary states. While awe, found in organized religions, spiritual traditions, and personal reports of rapture, is regarded as positive and transformative,Expand