Hormones in zygotic and microspore embryos of Brassica napus


A number of studies have used microspore-derived embryos (MDEs) as amodel for examining a range of processes, including hormonal regulation ofembryo development. We examined the hormonal physiology of MDEs with theprimaryobjective of testing the validity of using the MDE system as a model forhormonally-regulated development in zygotic embryos, through late… (More)
DOI: 10.1023/A:1013831116996


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@article{Hays2004HormonesIZ, title={Hormones in zygotic and microspore embryos of Brassica napus}, author={Dirk B. Hays and Roger M. Mandel and Richard Persons Pharis}, journal={Plant Growth Regulation}, year={2004}, volume={35}, pages={47-58} }