Hormone selectivity in thyroid hormone receptors.

  title={Hormone selectivity in thyroid hormone receptors.},
  author={Richard L. Wagner and Bertrand R. Huber and Andrew K. Shiau and Andrew D. Kelly and Suzana T Cunha Lima and Thomas S. Scanlan and James W. Apriletti and J. D. Baxter and Brian L West and Robert Fletterick},
  journal={Molecular endocrinology},
  volume={15 3},
Separate genes encode thyroid hormone receptor subtypes TRalpha (NR1A1) and TRbeta (NR1A2). Products from each of these contribute to hormone action, but the subtypes differ in tissue distribution and physiological response. Compounds that discriminate between these subtypes in vivo may be useful in treating important medical problems such as obesity and hypercholesterolemia. We previously determined the crystal structure of the rat (r) TRalpha ligand-binding domain (LBD). In the present study… CONTINUE READING