Hormonal stimulation of adenylyl cyclase through Gi-protein βγ subunits

  title={Hormonal stimulation of adenylyl cyclase through Gi-protein βγ subunits},
  author={Alex D. Federman and Bruce R. Conklin and Karen A. Schrader and Randall R. Reed and Henry R. Bourne},
AGONIST-BOUND receptors activate heterotrimeric (αβγ) G proteins by catalysing replacement by GTP of GDP bound to the a subunit, resulting in dissociation of α-GTP from the βγ subunits. In most cases, α-GTP carries the signal to effectors, as in hormonal stimulation1–4 and inhibition5,6of adenylyl cyclase by αs and αi, respectively. By contrast, genetic evidence in yeast7 and studies in mammalian cells8–10 suggest that βγ subunits of G proteins may also regulate effector pathways. Indeed, of… CONTINUE READING
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